Spring into New Life

I can still see it.

The pink and purple wire baskets filled with fake grass, bursting with color and candy. I can still taste the sugar on sugar of Peeps and the creaminess of the chocolate eggs. I can hear the hollow pop of an Easter egg being opened as little hands discover the treasure inside. I can feel the silkiness of my dress and the itch of the lace on my socks against my ankles as we got ready for Sunday service.

What a joy to be a child on Easter morning.

What a joy to be alive on Easter morning.

And that’s the whole thing, isn’t it? Being alive? All of this would be nothing if we weren’t alive to experience it.

Perhaps that’s why we find so much joy in the Springtime. Flowers we thought dead burst back to life. Leaves magically reappear to dress the cold spindly tree branches. Animals reemerge from their winter’s slumber. Birds begin to wake us again each morning with their song. The gray of the winter sky is replaced with the clearest of blue graced with the single golden gemstone of the sun. The world reminds us once again that it is alive, and that life ignites in our own hearts a resurrection if we choose to let it.

With Springtime – and Easter especially – comes a reminder of new life around us, but we often overlook that we can walk in new life and resurrection ourselves! Here’s a few ways to find your own personal resurrection this Easter:

  1. Find new life in God – I couldn’t talk about this and not mention the single most important resurrection there is. When Christ died on the cross (the event we remember on Good Friday), He took all our sin and shame with Him. When He rose on the third day (what we now call Easter), He brought freedom and life to us with Him! Because Jesus took on our sin and humanity, we can be resurrected with Him in new life to spend an eternity in Heaven. But it’s not just for new life after death that Christ set us free; the Bible tells us in Galatians 5:1 that “It is for freedom that I am set free”! That means freedom here and now. That means that you no longer have to live a life in guilt and shame. Jesus has taken it all from you when you choose to believe. As Christ is, so are we. He delights in you and wants you to receive the gift of life He has given you. He wants to lavish you with His grace and favor and blessings. He wants you to live a life renewed!
  2. Resurrect dreams and purpose – It’s so easy to push down dreams and passions with the passing of time. Life seems too practical to have room for our crazy childhood musings. But imagine just for a moment if you were to bring those dreams back to life. It feels a little unstable, yes, but it’s also the most exciting, invigorating thought in the world! This spring, bring those dreams back. Ever feel like you’ve lost your way, lost your purpose in life? Reignite the passions within you and the purpose will follow close behind. Bring your true self, your sprit deep within, back to life by listening to your heart again. You may just find that those dreams you buried inside have been your life’s seed, just waiting to be watered and fed so it can bloom into life.
  3. Reignite your goals – Once you get your dreams and purpose resurrected, reignite your goals. It’s great to have goals, but it’s more important to have a focus behind those goals. What are the things you have set in place for yourself to do this week, this year? Take the time to reassess those and ask yourself what the focus of these goals are, what the purpose behind each goal is. If your answers don’t line up with your new-found purpose, scrap the goal and come up with a new one that will propel you toward your destiny.
  4. Re-imagine yourself – Imagination is a beautiful thing. It is one of my favorite gifts God has given us because it is the launching pad for all true creativity. Without the imagination, everything stays as it is, life is stagnant, and nothing new ever emerges. But with imagination, everything is possible. So take a moment. Imagine yourself as you believe you are. Got it? Now imagine yourself as you believe you can be. I’m not talking about on the surface, I mean deep within. Imagine yourself with all the bravery, with the adventurous spirit of your youth, with gracefulness and confidence, with the ability to achieve anything you set your mind to. Re-imagine yourself as you know you were created to be. Re-believe in yourself, remind yourself of your best qualities, rediscover your anticipation and hope for all the future holds for you.

Life is precious, but it’s easy to get so bogged down in the day to day that we miss how wonderful it actually is! The good news is, though, we can always reignite the life within us. All the wonderful joy and hope of childhood still lives deep down inside each of us. We just have to quiet ourselves long enough to tap into it, to tap into our spirit, and allow it to revive our expectations. There is so much life to live – Easter baskets to be opened, fried chicken to eat, family to laugh with, friends to love, dreams to chase. Now all that’s left is to go live it!