Little Moments and Picking up Pennies

Our world today is so fast paced we often overlook the little moments in life. We can get so focused on having our big break that we miss the precious things that happen in between where we are and where we think we’re going.

I say where we think we’re going because I’ve found that more often than not, I end up some place I never imagined. My plans are all but a futile attempt to make me feel like I have some say so in how things go in my life.

The meaningfulness of life is often found in the little things that happen day by day. The mountain tops are great. But most of earth’s terrain looks more like flat land, forests, small hills, winding rivers, and deep deep oceans. And God is in all of them. God is in the flattest seasons where we feel bored and underwhelmed at who and where we are. He’s in the little highs and the little lows of each day. He’s in the course changes and foggy seasons and in the places where we can’t see beyond what’s just ahead. And he’s in the depths of our hurt and pain. And more than all of that, He’s in the in between.

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The In Between

We live most of our lives in between. In between where we were and where we want to be, in between weekends and fun plans, in between the 9-5, in between loads of laundry and trips to the grocery store. When we hear that, it’s easy to feel discourage. Ugh, is life really so mundane?

Yes and no.

We have trained ourselves to engage at the high points and lose interest at the lower ones. And by lower, it doesn’t even mean the tough ones, it just means the mundane, the day to day, the simple.

There’s something about that childlike wonder of life, though. You know how children are fascinated by everything, excited by everything, joyful at everything? We can still live like that. If you’ve read my About Me page, you know that I collect pennies. In fact, I pick up every penny I find as a reminder to myself never to take the little things for granted. Now, when I come across a penny, it feels like a secret little wink from heaven, my personal reminder that there is beauty to life at every turn. All we have to do is let go and engage.

We let go of our illusory image of control and engage in each moment as it comes, refusing to get caught up in concern for the past or the future.

We let go of worry and engage in the joy hidden in the little things.

And we let go of our plans and engage in what God is doing, right here, right now.

We engage in life.

And when we engage in life, each moment begins to regain its radiant childlike wonder.