Every Little Daye Illustrations

Welcome to Every Little Daye

Welcome to Every Little Daye, the comic illustrations of Honestly Rebecca! When I first got the idea to start creating comics, I didn’t know if I had it in me. But I absolutely love comic pages on Instagram and am an avid follower of some popular ones you may recognize like The Good Advise Cupcake and One of Those Days. Not only do they give me a reason to smile, they’re also often encouraging or remind me that we’re not so alone in this thing we call life. In fact, it would seem we all have more in common than we think we do. No matter where we live or what view points we hold, we’re all out here just doing the best we can every day at this thing called life.

Thus was birthed the idea for Every Little Daye.

Behind the Name

The name Every Little Daye started with the idea that there are beautiful moments to be found every single day, even in the mundane. I decided to use the spelling “Daye” because that’s my middle name! My Great-grandmother’s maiden name was Day, and then my Grandmother decided to add an “e” on the end when she used it for my Aunt’s middle name. Now the new and unique spelling has stuck, so I am Rebecca Daye – hence the name Every Little Daye!

What It’s All About

Every Little Daye is all about the beautiful little moments that make life so wonderful. They’re happening all around us. We just have to be willing to open our eyes to see them.

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The world we live in today is fast paced and hectic. There’s not much that’s low key about it. Information constantly bombards us, and society encourages us to work hard and aim for success, success, and more success. We are forever comparing ourselves to others and wondering when it will be our turn knowing full well that the person we think has it all together is probably in a similar place.

We’re all just out here looking for purpose.

In my life, I’ve come to find that purpose is most often found in the day to day. Though our culture would tell us that “influencers” are the ones that have it all figured out, the truth is it’s the people around us that really make an impact on our lives. We find the true wonders of life in the seemingly mundane moments that turn our day around, change our perspective, make us laugh, make us cry, bring us closer to one another. Life isn’t about the big, the bad, the applaudable. It’s about finding the beauty and joy in each moment.

I hope these illustrations inspire you to remember that every little day is a gift. It may seem like nothing out of the ordinary, but there is something very special in every moment we experience. There will never be another hug, another rainbow, another conversation, another cup of coffee, another walk to the car, another meeting, another load of laundry, another day quite like this one.