62 Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

One of the best things about Christmas is the joy of giving gifts to those we love. But Let’s face it. We all need more Christmas Gift Ideas for Him because, whether they admit to it or not, men can be down-right difficult to buy for! Sure, sure, you can always get him clothes, but that’s only so much fun. And not all men have definitive hobbies like fishing, hunting, or golfing.

Often the best way to shop for that special man in your life is to go off of three categories:

  1. Needs
  2. Wants
  3. Interests

1. What He Needs

The first category of Christmas gift ideas is pretty straight forward. Does he need new work socks? A new gym bag? Fresh undies? A belt? Go for it. Get those things chalked off the list first.

Not sure where to start with what he needs? Here’s a few common needs for men that make great Christmas gifts:

Even though these aren’t always the most exciting gifts, you can definitely spice them up to make them fun. If he needs PJs, spring for a matching couples or family set like these PajamaGram Matching Santa Suit Christmas Pajamas for the Family. It may be corny, but it’ll be cute and will get a bigger reaction. Get socks and undies with fun patterns on them. Give the toiletries in a neat presentation like a basket. At the end of it, he’ll be happy to have those necessities.

2. What He Wants

All men have those things they casually throw out throughout the year that they want whether they realize it or not. Make a point to keep your ears open for hints. Maybe he wants some new sneakers or a new set of headphones. Maybe he wants a new phone cover or laptop case. Has he commented on something of a friends’ that he thinks is way cool? Has he expressed frustration over a product that maybe still works but is on its way out the door and needs replacing? Your man is a gold mine of Christmas gift ideas!

Getting the Christmas gifts that he wants is a great way to show that you’ve been listening. Plus it’s a surefire way to make sure he’ll be happy with his gifts!


3. What He’s Interested In

Now this is the part where you get to show him how well you know him and have some fun getting creative with gifts. What makes him who he is? What gets him up in the morning? Where does his heart lie?

Start with his interests are and go from there!

For the Christian man

This is my personal favorite category. Godly men are a wonderful gift, so it’s always a joy to give the godly men in our lives a gift that will encourage them in their faith. The good news is, this is a category of Christmas gift ideas that keeps on giving. Once he’s read a certain devo, he’ll need another one. Once he’s filled that journal with message or quiet time notes, he’ll want more pages to fill.

  • New devo – My husband and I both love the devotional book Jesus Calling. It’s one of the top rated devos out there, and for good reason. (**husband’s stamp of approval!)
  • Quiet-time journal
  • New Bible with his name engraved
  • Bible book-mark
  • New book – Especially if your man is an avid reader, he will enjoy having a good encouraging book to read. My husband’s small group recently studied The Way of the Warrior: An Ancient Path to Inner Peace by Pastor Erwin McManus of Mosaic church. (**husband’s stamp of approval!)

For the chef

  • Grill supplies
  • Portable grill – Something like the AGM Folding Portable Charcoal Grill is great for on-the-go grilling or makes a great grill if you are in a smaller space that doesn’t allow for a full sized grill.
  • Indoor grill – My husband absolutely loves our George Foreman 5-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press. It’s great for throwing bacon on for breakfast, serving up some grilled sandwiches, or cooking meat. (**husband’s stamp of approval!)
  • Cook book
  • Waffle Maker
  • Blender – You can do quite a lot with a blender. My husband and I have gotten tons of use out of our Ninja Blender that we received for Christmas from his parents last year. (**husband’s stamp of approval!)
  • New spices
  • Apron

For the Traveler

  • New luggage
  • Luggage tags – My husband loves his Tufftaag Luggage Tags that I recently got him. They’re durable and look sharp. (**husband’s stamp of approval!)
  • Neck pillow and eye pillow set
  • Map to mark off where you’ve been – This one’s a matter of preference. Some people enjoy scratch off maps while others like a cork board map of the world.
  • Passport holder

For the Outdoorsman

  • Eno – While my husband isn’t particularly into outdoorsy stuff, I have a number of friends who are as well as a brother-in-law who can’t get enough of it, and they all stand by ENO products, especially the ENO Hammock.
  • Backpack
  • New water bottle
  • Hat – depending on what he enjoys, you can go for a breathable baseball cap, a beach shading hat, or a beanie for colder weather hiking.
  • Floating Keychain – This is another one my brother-in-law lives by. He loves the water, so for him, it’s important to have a keychain that floats so he’s not at risk for losing his keys in or around bodies of water while he surfs, kayaks, paddle-boards, and such. Plus there’s tons of fun styles to choose from like this lifeguard rescue floating keychain or this floating donut keychain. (**brother-in-law’s stamp of approval!)
  • Freestyle Shark Watch – Another one that’s brother-in-law approved is the Freestyle Men’s Shark Watch. He’s had several different models of the watch over the years and loves them for their durability and water-resistance. Depending on the model you get, there are lots of other cool features, too! (**brother-in-law’s stamp of approval!)
  • Towel – Towels are great for beach and water outdoors-men as well as for hikers and campers. When you’re outdoors, you never know when a towel may come in handy against the elements.
62 christmas gift ideas your husband will actually like

For the Tech Junky

  • Build your own computer kit – There’s lots of varieties of these kinds of kits (build your own computer, build your own tablet, build your own robot….). For the tech-geek like my husband, this is a great gift that allows him to get hands-on with his interest.
  • Amazon Alexa – My husband loves our Echo Dot with Alexa. It really was the starting point for making our home “smart.” An assistant like Alexa is every tech-junky’s dream, so if he doesn’t have one already, the Echo Dot is a great way to go. (**husband’s stamp of approval!)
  • Airpods
  • Ring doorbell – Or any smart home feature makes a great gift for techies. Since moving into our first home, my husband can’t seem to stop finding ways to make our home smarter from lightbulbs, to thermostat, to the doorbell.
  • Adapters – ‘nough said
  • Travel tech bag – This is a really neat gift idea and is great for the travelling techy. This Electronic Travel Cable Organizer Bag is great for keeping cables, hard-drives, USBs, SD cards, and more organized while on the go.
  • New Keyboard and Mouse

For the Handy Man

These are all pretty self-explanatory, and each man seems to have his preferences on brand, style, etc. when it comes to tools. But let’s be real, even if he’s not a handy-man by interest, most men need tools for when those random issues come up around the house or in the yard. So if he doesn’t have something tool or yard-wise, it makes for a great add-on gift. Plus they normally get pretty excited about these things, handy-man at heart or not, because who doesn’t love a new power tool?

  • New tool box
  • Tool sets
  • Yard equipment
  • Ladder
  • Cordless drill
  • Work bench
  • Peg board
  • Tool belt

For the coffee enthusiast

  • Exotic coffee – My husband is originally from Brazil, so we keep plenty of Brazilian coffee like Pilão Roasted and Ground Coffee around the house. Fun and exotic coffees always make a great gift for any coffee enthusiast, so give it a whirl! Try something from another country like the Pilao coffee or go for a new flavor he’s never tried. (**husband’s stamp of approval!)
  • New coffee maker – There are tons of cool coffee makers out there now, and they’re pretty reasonable, too! He’ll love trying out a new Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker or a Bialetti Moka stove top coffee maker that make a cleaner, stronger brew than a regular coffee maker.
  • A Personal Keurig – Keurig has recently released their Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker specifically designed for personal use in smaller spaces like an office or dorm. This makes a great gift if he is in need of some fresh brewed coffee right at his desk because it’s sleek, slim size is convenient and isn’t an eye-sore.
  • Cool mugs – Mugs are always fun because you can get him one that matches his other interests, has a funny quote on it, or even is personalized with a picture! (**husband’s stamp of approval)

For the business man

  • Day Planner
  • Personalized business card holder – these can be made custom to order from several different shops on Etsy (**brother-in-law stamp of approval!)
  • Desk name plate – these can be made custom to order from several different shops on Etsy (**brother-in-law stamp of approval!)
  • Fresh pens and notepads or portfolio
  • Lumbar support pillow – If he spends a lot of time in an office chair behind a desk, something like this Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion will make for a great gift.

For the Sports guy

Though my husband isn’t much into sports except for soccer (did I mention he’s Brazilian? lol), my dad is quite the sports enthusiast, so I’ve learned quite a number of Christmas gift ideas for that interest over the years. It’s pretty simple, really….go for the team logo and stick it on anything he may need or want! Fanatics is a great place to start for the sports guys in your life. They have everything from shirts and hats to signed gear for nearly every sport you can imagine.

  • Team jersey or tshirt
  • Car decal
  • Signed ball or gear
  • Anything with the team logo on it!

Of course, there’s loads more categories of men’s interests than just these, but this is a great place to start. Find your man’s interest and build your own list from there! If he’s really into a certain tv show, find a t-shirt or coffee mug with a show reference on it. If he’s into photography, look for items to support the hobby like a camera strap, a new lens, a new camera bag. You get the idea.

The Best Christmas Gift for Men of All

At the end of Christmas morning, once all the gifts are opened, just remember, that no matter how great your Christmas gift ideas were, the greatest Christmas gift you can get your man is the gift of your presence in his life. Just showing that you love him, that you put thought into his gifts, and that you enjoy being with him on one of the most special mornings of the year is worth far more than any perfect gift.

And after all, the joy really is in the giving. As Acts 20:35 says, “‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” And giving gifts on Christmas brings us back to remember the ultimate gift ever given – God’s gift of His Son Jesus for us.